IPhone battery replacement program ends on New Year

here Apple’s program for iPhone battery replacement with lower costs for older iPhones has existed for so long that it see med to be always with us. Alas, all good ends. The annual share, which allows you to replace the battery of your old iPhone for only $ 29 (compared with $ 79), ends on December 31. If you have an iPhone SE 6, 6 Plus, 6 s, 6 s Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus or X, and you are not satisfied with the battery life, now is the time to act.

IPhone battery replacement

Seriously, come on if you didn’t. Even I know a couple of iPhone 6 users who pull their legs, which surprises me because they regularly complain about the battery life of the device. It’s not even that hard. Replacing it is simply to charge the phone to the Genius bar or (less optimally) send it to Apple for repair.

How to check the battery performance of your iPhone

Partly in response to last year’s iPhone 6 scandal, Apple made it easy to check the battery health of your phone in iOS 11. Here’s how.

1    On your iPhone, click Settings.
2   Scroll down to the battery, select it.
3   Click Battery Health. Then you will see the maximum battery capacity indicated as a percentage. If your battery needs replacing, it will tell you about it so.

IPhone battery replacement

How to sign up for iPhone battery replacement

1   Go to the Apple Online Support page

2    Click on the iPhone box.

3   Click on the battery and charge.

4    Click on Battery Replacement.

5    Click Accept for repair or Send for repair.

We strongly recommend that you connect your phone to the Genius Bar, as you do not have to stay without your most important smartphone for several days, which can be disastrous during the holiday season. These days, the local Genius bar already has batteries.

For the same reason, you can often hear stories of with us iPhone 6 batteries even when their phones say they don’t need it. This was not the case earlier this year, but now people often report that they have successfully received replacements, even if their batteries were listed lower costs a 95 percent capacity. The same users often report that they have seen improvements in battery and speed even with a relatively small increase. Also, keep in mind that the end of the price reduction does not mean that you will not be able to get a replacement battery for your iPhone6 in 2019. You just have to pay the full $ 80 for it.

Why is this happening again?

Just as a retraining, this scandal arose from the discovery that Apple deliberately stifled the iPhone 6 (and new models as theyget older). The Internet, which is the Internet, has spawned all sorts of theories that Apple has forced its customers to update, thereby apparently legitimizing some of Apple’s most pernicious rumors. (I never really understoodthis angle of “forced obsolescence,” since Apple is also known for making devices that work much longer than competitors. Anyway, the Internet. You do.)

It turns out that Apple actually tried to keep the devices running without pushing them to become obsolete. Working normally with a weak battery, the iPhone 6 will reach a point when the battery cannot power the processor, and thus the phone simply turns off. The regulation was intended to avoid this (and Apple now allows you to turn it off through the Battery menu in the settings).

Apple even stated that it improved “power management during peak loads to avoid unexpected outages on the iPhone” in iOS 10.2.1 patch notes, but did not explain how it solved the shutdown problem.

In any case, iPhone users -charge your batteries for $ 29 while you can. This is a good deal. When the deal expires, replacing the battery for most iPhones will cost $ 49, although Apple will charge $ 69 for replacing the battery in the iPhone X.

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