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Hello guys, you need to translate English to French, English to Japanese any other language or any language translate to English it’s straightforward guys 16+ Trusted, and reliable Sites available in market translate the text and documents for you free.

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we know the machine, ensure that the translations are not to replace human translators. You can also see 5 reasons why machine translations will never replace human translators. But learning a new language is not as easy as some people can deliver, so it’s very important that people translate their site to other people in order to understand their content. There are many applications and tools that people can use to translate websites. Translation is one of the many ways you can use to reach a huge audience from all walks of life and from all sides who access the Internet daily. If your goal is to reach as many people as possible or you want your site to be known all over the world,

then one language will not help you achieve your goal. Translations are the only thing that will help you Translation of text on your website should be taken seriously because a multilingual website will help improve your business, organization or brand

1. Google Translate

Most of us are familiar with google translate, Google Translate offers users quite universally and works relatively well. It is integrated with Google products, such as Chrome, and is available in several Android applications with a built-in application for translating voice, text, tweets, and emails. Google Translate supports dozens of foreign languages. The most popular way to translate the text and voice for free.

google translate

2. Bing

English to French: Bing Translator is a Microsoft product built into Windows and Windows Phone. The translator has a difference because it is the last major translation mechanism with a free API. Thanks to the automatic detection function, you will have no problem finding languages. It also has text recognition features for translating content directly to your screen.

bing translate

3. Yandex

Yandex Translate offers synchronized translation for predictive input, usage examples, pronunciation and more. It supports 95 languages among them, English, Italian, Korean, Japanese and Greek, to name just a few of them Yandex offers many features can be installed on phones

4. Babelfish

Babel Fish is a free multilingual translation program for real-time translation. Translation services for translating text have been translated free by Yahoos to Bing translator, but you can still get access to the oldest free online language translator. Babel Fish translates your webpage into text in several languages, such as Portuguese, English to French, Spanish, and Dutch.

5. Tradukka

Traduk is a place that offers free text and speech translation in real time. Among the features that you get when using Tradukka, you can bring the text to speech for pronunciation, vocabulary and voice recognition. The site supports more than 44 languages, English to French, including Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Haitian, Catalan, and Czech.

6. Linguee

Linguee offers a variety of services from Bing and Google translators. For Linguee is a search engine translation and dictionary. You will have to enter words that you do not understand and browse contextual translations, meanings, and other documents available on the Internet The site do not translate web pages & documents.

7. May translations

This is the Prompt version online, but for private users. You can translate the text for free in a simple way need to choose the version for your devices and download.

8. SDL

Found online at freetranslation.com, SDL is a place where you can automatically translate your documents, websites, videos, text, and more. The site offers text translation tools for free for translators, freelancers, and other professionals. You can use the tool for free translation to any language at any time.

9. Systranet

Systranet is a free online translator. The site can help you translate your web page, content as text and other documents. To use the free translation services offered by Systranet, you need to add it to your site.

10. Fast online translation

The online tip is a free multilingual translation program for real-time translation.

11. Online translator

Enjoy free text translation and save money You can translate online or use the translation software offer

12. Collins Online Translator

It offers several dictionaries from language translation: it can be used for advertising, a partnership with B2B and API.

13. Reversing

You will have to enter words that you do not understand and browse contextual translations, meanings, and other documents available on the Internet.

14. Wordlingo

To translate text, tweets, and emails Word lingo support dozens of foreign languages.

15. Elanlanguages

Elan is a place where you can automatically translate your documents, websites, text, and more. You can also pay for professional translation services at Elan.

16. PONS

Among the features you get when using PONS are a dictionary, a dictionary and text translation. Translate text for free and contact PONS for more information.

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