Apple Releases New Content About Snoopy & Other Peanuts Characters

Apple has signed an agreement with DHX Media that Canadian TV will release new shows, special and short films about Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang. This includes exclusive short content for the astronaut Apple Snoopy in the lead role, aimed at captivating the children of STEM.

Peanuts were created by Charles Schulz, who wrote and illustrated popular comics for five decades, starting in 1950. The characters switched to television in the 1960s with “Charlie Brown’sChristmas,” followed by a long list of special offers. And they recently returned to the big screen in a computer animation called Peanut Cinema, which collected $ 246 million worldwide.

Apple Releases

Last year DHX acquired a controlling stake inPeanuts (the remaining 20 percent of the shares still belong to the Schultz family).

Apple, meanwhile, is putting out a lot of new, family-friendly content for its future streaming service. This also includes engaging Sesame Workshop to create original programming (not Sesame Street, which recently switched to HBO).

By the way, if you know peanuts only from hand to hand, through Snoopy dolls or other products, you should go back to the early fringe (restored for Fantagraphics print), which are some of the best you’ve ever read. There you can fully appreciate the art of Schulz, as well as his ability to create unforgettable jokes from Charlie Brown’s joyless look and constant suffering…      More News

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